Empty Parking Lots

Compton College is in crisis.  Take a look at our student parking lot F.  This is Week 2 of the Fall semester at 8:30 am on Wednesday, September 8.  This is unacceptable.  Our Administration is very quick to point out about our low enrollment and how faculty need to do their part in recruitment, but when will they take responsibility for their role in this crisis? 

Gross negligence on the part of the Administration kept students from being able to enroll in their required college courses.  The Administration was quick to cut low enrolled classes, before the start of the semester, but did not bother to look at the waitlisted classes to open more sections of classes to accommodate students.  What happened was a colossal mess!  Supposedly 2372 FTES (Full Time Equivalent Student) numbers were needed.  We were at 2061 FTES as of September 3.  FTES is the basis for a college’s budget allocation.

The English department had more than 180 students waitlisted in 3 core courses (which amounts to 6 additional classes) and NOTHING was done.  Faculty stepped in and collected names, ID numbers, contact information on every student who was waitlisted or needed an English class.  The English faculty mobilized and moved quickly to recruit, but the response from the administration was slow, at best.  Ultimately, the English department was given 3 classes to begin in the a "special" 14-week term.  This sets the students and the classes up for failure.  We must make sure that the Administration is held accountable for their incompetence. 


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